Mortgage Services

As a foreign investor, it is possible to secure up to 75% of the purchase price as a mortgage and the process is fairly straightforward through our in-house mortgage partners. 

The world is a hectic place with people working longer and extended hours, so trying to source a mortgage from another country while juggling a busy schedule can seem impossible. 

Even if you have the cash to purchase a property, it is not always the best option. Among the benefits of getting a mortgage is the ability to grow wealth using leverage, tax benefits, building a credit score and being able to tap into additional funds that youve saved if required. 

Mortgage Purchase
Purchase Price – £200,000
Cash Required – £50,000 (Based on 75% Loan-to-Value)
Rental Income – £12,000
Annual Mortgage Payment – £6,000 (Based on 4% interest-only mortgage for 25 years)
Net Rental Income – £6,000
Return on Cash Invested = 12%

Cash Purchase
Purchase Price – £200,000
Rental Income – £12,000
Return on Cash Invested = 6%